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Wow I don't know if I should keep this account or just create a new one. Its been a very long time im sure most of you don't even remember me.

But heres the down load in a short story.
My ex and I of seven years broke up

I moved to Minnesota still here :)

I had a son and have full custody. Both our decisions.
He is one now :)

I have still been painting and crafting as far as tattooing.
Not so much. I have a full time job doing customer service,

Was thinking about doing polymer clay on the side again. So just wanted some feedback on what you guys think and to finally say hi!
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For any of those who like bugs and have alot around unlike me in Vegas :/
I would love for you to send me them so I can incase them in resin and make them into jewelry!
Awesome right?!
If you send me bugs, I will make you a piece with some of the bugs you've sent me :)
They can be bees,spiders,etc, as long as they're small :)
Nothing too big!

And bones too!
Got some little animal bones,maybe baby teeth? or just your teeth?!

If interested please NOTE me :)

Any amount is  very helpful!
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Yup I'm 23 today.
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Hello loves! I just made a flickr and would love some friends on it so please add me! And I'll do the same


Oh and my freshly made Tumblr too!


AND!!! my blog is up and running again toO!


I'd love comments too! If you leave me anything I'll do the same in return
as in comments/faves/ all that good stuff ;)
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So I was recommend to make a tumblr to promote my business

SO here it is!

I just started it so yeah!

Follow me and I'll follow you back!
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So My esty shop hasnt been getting any kind of business really it truly sucks!
I've posted new items and everything so I was thinking of making a facebook to promote my etsy shop.
But I wanted to know if its worth it?
Does it help you get more business?
Do you sell more??
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So I opened up my etsy shop back up!
I've just posted some fresh items including my hello kitty hair bow clip and handsewn phone cases!

I'd really appreciate any support towards purchasing items!

The money will be going to helping me and my husband with my medical health. :)
Since my asthma has been such a pain lately.

Please take alook and if you can Facebook like my shop! Cause no one has!!!

Check it out:…
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Okay So I havent posted much on here! But I have on my youtube!
But anywho I've gotten into this new craft which like I don't have enough but yeah.
Anywho I've been making phone cases,well handsewning phone cases,for  iphones since i have one but
it also fits droids,htc,and itouch.From what I know personally, But Im taking commissio pieces as well for psp and all that junk!

Anyways! What the title says,Halloween is coming and it is my favorite holiday I have a tupperware full of just halloween
scrapbook stuff and i don't scrapbook anymore I just cant help but buy the awesome halloween stuff.

I found some awesome skeleton hands and have decided I must make hair pieces.Im a huge fan of hair pieces and always try to wear one ecspecially my new handsewn hello kitty bow hair clip
Anywho once again!

For all my ghouls and gals! I'll be making skeleton hand hair clips and necklaces.
Also flower pieces as well! So if you are interested please comment below!
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Yup! I didn't think it would happen but it did!
I had to go to the ER today because of my asthma,i know what a stupid thing right. I mean I have chronic asthma so its pretty bad but usually I have it under control but no.
After being in a hospital all week with my husbands grandma (which is doing much better) I go the next day to the ER from getting home!
My asthma was just not right today,I was like okay Ill take a breathing treatment all good Like i usually do.
But no, It wouldnt stop so I decided to go to the ER.
Which was good,my heart rate was at 135 and my oxygen level was almost down to 80.
So I had to stay there they wanted to keep me overnight if my heart didnt go down and my oxygen went up.
SO now I have to take steriods for 5 days and all that good stuff.

Im still just like wtf really go to ER for asthma,but the doctor said it was a good thing I did.
But still it sounds so lame! yeah I couldn't get my asthma attack under control so I had to go to the ER.
I don't know I feel lame but so much better at the same time that I can actually breathe without having to gasp for the air.
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She is my nana by blood no she is my husbands grandmother.
But she loved me as her own grandchild since I met her. She was the sweetest woman i've ever met besides my husbands mother.
She loved seeing my new tattoos I got and told me how beautiful the made me look.
She always told me to take care of her grandson and how well I do take care of him.

Now it's time to say goodbye to her.We're literally rushing off to Cali to go see her before tonight.The doctor said she has
either till tonight or early morning. I truly love her and have never lost someone this late in my life.
It's hard and I know its life and she is such a god loving woman that I know god will make it painless for her.
She will be able to see all 40 of her grandchildern and all over 30 great grandchildren.
I'm trying to prepare myself to see her,But it just leaves me shaking and wheezing.

I have time to write this due to me getting so upset I have to take a breathing treatment to stop my asthma.

I love her and I know she won't be suffering it's hard to see my husband hurt yet shed a tear when I see him do that I want to slay anyone who tries to come near him. I know it sounds wrong but I wil protect that man for the rest of my life.
His nana helped raise him and took care of him. We knew this was coming when we found out she has pneumia or however you spell it and they told us it could make her kidneys fail.
Its done just that
the doctors say shes gray.and its just a matter of time.

Im seriously sad and shaking but i feel the need to be strong for everyone else. For my husband,for his sister,for his neice and nephews and mostly for his mother.
I will show my weakness when time is right,but now i feel I should snap out of it and finish packing and helping my husband and his mother get through the long drive.
It's hard  to lose someone when you are older,more memories,more everything.

I will always remeber her and she will always be spoken of. I'm going to get Grandmother in spanish,tattooed on my arm for her.
She loves dragons and Spawn.SO maybe I'll put a little something in there too.

I will always remeber her and hearing my husband speak of her always makes him smile.
I just have to learn to be stong and help everyone through this time even though I myself am hurting inside.
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Thats right,I've only sold 3 items since I've had it open which truly sucks!
So I've decided to do FREE SHIPPING for U.S. I know it might seem unfair but prices are too high for out of country packages.

Yeah! go check it out!…
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Thats right I closed down,my "Cute macabre" shop.
I wanted a fresh start,but my fresh start seems not to be going well.
I've been open a few days and havent sold nada! Theres a 10% off code up and everything.
So if you want to help me out please go check it out! I will soon be selling pencil portraits on there as well :)

Please Please Please go check it out!::…
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Calling all Creepy thinkers,macabre thinkers,and all those who enjoy the darker side.
I'm done with making cute/desserts. It is requested on my etsy.
But I miss my creepy self!!!

So please help give me some ideas!!!

I have these in mind but cant make a clear picture.
So please give me ideas and you will be credited for it :)

I have gas masks (my husband brought me home 2 of them as a surprise from his trip!)

voodoo dolls (again husband surprised me with 4 of them!)

anatomical hearts, (ive done them but want to put a new spin on them)

zombies!!! (give me ideas!)

left for dead!!

tattoo related

So please!!!! give me any ideas it doesnt just have to be these,it could be whatever as long as its creepy!!
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Oh yes out of 202 postive feedback I got my first negative feedback.
She said there was a charm missing and had to pay 1.27 to get her package.
I'm a little bummed due to the fact that it sucks to get negative feedback and people see that!
But I'm hoping they see the other 202 postive feedback.
Her comment was there was a charm missing and she had to pay to get her package.
Well I don't know about the whole missing charm thing cause I make the item once order and I know them by heart.
I might actually have missed a charm,but I wish she would have just messaged me and I'd have gladly sent her out the missing charm and refunded her $1.27.
Is it just me or the negative feedback alittle too harsh?
Yes it does suck that she had to pay alittle for her package but in my policies it says I have no control once the package is shipped out.

Have you received any negative feedback?
Do you think she was too harsh with her?
Do you think she should have messaged me first?

Let me know!
Make me feel better :/
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That's right!
I'm selling polymer clay supplies on my etsy shop.
There's cabochons for your decoden pieces!
Sprinkles,to add detail to your sweets and desserts.

I just got a set of amazing mold putty and will be posting the molds once they've dried!
SO be on the look out for your polymer clay supply needs.

I wanted to start selling a few other things so if you're interested in the list below please let me know :)

-kawaii paper


-acrylic beads

and thats all I can think of for now so yeah, lol

If you have any items that you'd like to see for sale that maybe you can't find in your area,please let me know!
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ATC ACEO Trading Cards??

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 24, 2011, 6:48 AM

So I was cleaning my room like going all out throwing things away,and getting everything to set up my tattoo studio,well I was going through my art tupperware,and saw that I had some artist trading cards.
Now if you don't know what ATC or ACEO is then,let me explain.
They are these pack of papers you get ,they're small there only rule for ATC is that they are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inces you get 20 sheets and it says in bold Artist Trading Cards. They have all kind of different kind of paper just like when you go to buy a sketch pad or whatever,I have bristol board paper,its mainly for portrait drawing cause its really smooth paper.But you can get all kind watercolor,whatever.They have them in the art section at most craft stores.
They are cheap too $3.00 for the pack.

Anywho! I want to start selling them. They will be tattoo related drawings on them and kawaii as well since I've had alot of hits with selling kawaii items.

They are awesome to buy and sell if you are into art,you're collecting artwork from people and you can even put them in those sleeve things that you put your pokemon cards in and have it a a coffee table book,to look at whenever. :)

SO I just wanted to see if people would be interested in me selling them on my etsy???????
They won't be expensive or anything.
And if you want to see some cool ones already made type: aceo in deviantart art search and youll see amazing pieces that dont seem like they can fit on such a small piece of paper.

And if I didnt explain good enough I got this off the site

What are artist trading cards?
Artist trading cards (ATCs) are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. Artists create, trade and collect art at organized "swap" events, either in person or online. The only official rule for ATCs is the size: 2.5" x 3.5".

How did the movement start?
In 1997, M. Vanci Stirnemann, a Swiss artist, created 1200 cards by hand as part of an exhibit. On the last day, he invited others to create their own cards and trade with him during the closing reception. The movement took off, and today, there are ATC swaps in almost every major city around the world. There are also many online swaps.

How do I create ATCs?
Most swaps are open to any media, materials or techniques as long as the card fits into a standard trading card sleeve. ATCs are traded, not sold. However, there are some artists who choose to sell cards. Cards that are sold are called Art Card Editions and Originals (ACEO).

How do I trade cards?
You can locate an in-person swap in your area, find an online swap, or organize your own swap. There are a number of Web sites that others have created to help artists get started. They can be found by doing online searches using key words such as “artist trading cards.”

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New Videos on YouTube!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 2, 2011, 4:05 PM
Gallery :pokeball:Add me :pokeball: Art Stats :pokeball: Note me :pokeball: commission :pokeball: FAQS

So I have new videos up on my YouTube,and yes I'm talking in them. Im all stuffy from allergies but Im talking in them!
You can find my youtube channel here…

I will be having charm updates,instead of trying to take pictures of all of them. So now you can see them better then in my pictures,

I will try to make tutorial on there as well,I'm trying to figure out what to make it a tutorial of and all that!

SO if you have any ideas please let me know!

Also I have new items up for trade!
Yes I'm addicted to trading on Youtube and you should be too!
You can get my jewelry pieces on there instead of buying from my shop!!!

Speaking of my shop its on Vacation till the 9th so yeah!

Subscribe,comment,rate, my channel here!!!…

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Are you a YouTuber? Trading Offers?

Journal Entry: Tue May 24, 2011, 4:30 PM
Gallery :pokeball:Add me :pokeball: Art Stats :pokeball: Note me :pokeball: commission :pokeball: FAQS


If some of you don't know I have a youtube channel you can find…

Well I have stumbled upon trading on Youtube and I have to say Im addicted!!!
If you don't know what I'm talking about let me explain. *ahem*

Trading is where you offer charms,polymer clay supplies, keychains, squishy keychains all having to do with kawaii,hello kitty,tokidoki, or anything cute like that. Theres also exchanging of decoden stuff,polymer clay supplies,jewelry supplies,molds,canes, pretty much anything they are willing to offer that you like. I love it cause Im a HUGE Hello kitty and tokidoki fan so its been fun!
I just got doing a large trade,I have posted some pictures of the charms I traded.

But since my first is done,Im already ready to do my next one!!

SO if anyone is interested in doing a trade please let me know!!!

I'm trading::

:heart:my charms

:heart:my jewelry pieces i make

:heart: Custom charms to your liking

:heart:polymer clay canes I have made and bought.

:heart: Decoden silicone whips.

:heart: Beads

:heart: jewelry supplies (blank rings/etc.)

:heart: or anything you might be interested in!

Now you don't have to make a video of you talking on youtube. You can simply just make a slideshow like i have been doing so far,but i found my camera and will be doing real videos..

SOO!O!!! if you are interested message me on here or my youtube!…

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Polymer Clay Supplies//Tools on a Budget

Journal Entry: Thu May 19, 2011, 1:39 PM

|Watch Me|My Gallery|My Scraps|My Stats|My Watchers|

When it comes to Polymer clay bugeting and saving money is always nice ecspecially when you sell pieces.
You not only go through clay but supplies quickly and some supplies are online only find.
So in this journal entry I'll be helping with bugeting and finding cheap tools,and some techiques to help you with your clay pieces.

Now I have done a  previous journal of Bugeting with Polymer Clay,but this one is alittle more in depth.

:heart: Tools:

~~Tools,are a BIG part when it comes to polymer clay,there's only so much you can do with your hands.
Now if you do have extra cash,etsy money put aside I would HIGHLY recommend in investing in the Sculpey Tool Kit.
Its green and black and has all your tools you need. It has my favorite the needle tool :)
Which is great for texturing cakes.

~~~A acrylic roller,Now the sculpey tool kit does come with a roller but I find the acrylic better,since its thicker. And just seems to smoooth out clay
in such ease.

~~~PASTA MACHINE!! Now I went quite sometime without a pasta machine and didn't think it was really necessary.
But OMG! its totally worth it.making even cake layers,psh in seconds!!! Making fondant to cover your cakes/strawberries etc.
In seconds! Skin blending techinques a breeze. There are so many great way to use a pasta machine The best use EVER!!! though
it warms the clay up for you without you having aching hands!!
Since Ive worked with polymer clay my hands can ache very easily,Touching cold food is hard for me now.
So that is a MAJOR plus!!!

~~Firm paint brush: Now I know that sounds weird,but let me try to explain.if you go into the paint isle with the paint brushes.You're looking for paintbrush that has rough bristles,where you can pat it on your hand and they don't budge! This paintbrush will be your texture brush for cookies,avacado skin,bread. many things!

~~~Razorblades,Finally something thats not pricey! Now I personally don't use razorblades.The hubby worries since Im clumsy :P
SO I bought me a cane slicing blade.which is like a razorblade but its longer. Its obvious what a blade is for. Getting those nice smooth cuts.

~~~Toothpicks and Scewers: Im sure I spelt that wrong but what the hey!
Toothpicks are great for helping you texture caes and putting holes in pieces as well as putting acrlyic paint on your pieces for kawaii items.
scewers are great for the same things they're just thicker.

This is all I can think of for now.IF I think of anything or you have a favorite tool please comment :)~~~~~


I'm a sucker for supplies! I love to buy bunches of them! And just cant seem to get enough!
I also make my own supplies such as some canes,molds,sprinkles.

~~~~MOLDS: I've heard many P.C artists that they don't like molds or find them as cheating.
I personally don't think so,I think if its something hard to make or you want to make a bunch at once.
Then what the hey! I do buy molds here and there when I have the extra cash or can't find the charm/item they made the mold with.
But they are abit pricey.even cheap ones are like $4 and thas without shipping.
SO I found Amazing mold putty and made MANY molds for myself,of things I wanted :)
Its $20 for the putty but you can make way more then $20 worth of molds with it.
I would buy this on Hobby for I bought it on ebay for a dollar less but the only seller who sells it on there takes longer
then there shipping said. It took over 3 weeks to get to me coming from Texas....SO yeah...

~~~~Canes: Now I love buying canes!!! I buy them off ebay and Etsy.I buy strawberry,pizza mix and kawaii bear etc ones of etsy.
I like the strawberries on etsy more then ebay.
On ebay I buy the 100 random canes for $4.00 it takes about 3 weeks to get to you but its totally worth the wait for that price,some even include a free cane slicing blade. If you would like a link to some of the ebay listings/people I buy from just comment below!!

I also make my own canes of course simple ones,such as egg,grapefruit,lemon  and salami/pepperoni ones.
If you're interested in buying canes from me simple message below!

I make my own sprinkles,that I would like to cordinate with pieces.
Yes its the same techique as canes. But lot less technical lol.
I make many of these and Im planning on selling them as well. I just like to know if people are interested.
I also use Micro marbles which you can find in the stamp area of Michaels or Jo anns or even on etsy in big quantitys.

~~~Wood Findings:
Now in Michaels,(cause I havent seen these specific ones at jo anns)
They have a section that has little wooden bowls,and "plates" which are just circles and even hearts.
They also have long rectangle ones you can use as a little tabletop and create a cute magnet or something :P
Or if you have a grandma like me who just collects them as knick knacks. :D

~~~~ Oil Scents.
Are amazing!!!
I love them and just opening them makes your room smell amazing!!!
You can find some scents at michaels in the soap making isle.
((my jo anns here in vegas doesnt have a soap making isle anymore))

IT does HAVE to be oil liquid fragance.
I also buy from etsy and found its way more of a discount,because they put it into bigger bottles and have MANY MANY MANY!!!!
different fragances.It took me over an hour! just to pick 3 fragances! cause I couldnt decide :P
If you would like  a link to where I buy my fragances on etsy,just comment below.

If you would like a tutorial on scenting fragances.PLEASE COMMENT!!
I'm in the mood to make tutorials again, so please ask for them!!!

So far this is all I can think of.I will update this journal,once I think of more things.
If you have any ideas/tips/techiques/places for great prices. PLEASE let me know and I'll post it on here!!!

MY next journal will be making your etsy successful and thriving :)

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