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Wow I don't know if I should keep this account or just create a new one. Its been a very long time im sure most of you don't even remember me.

But heres the down load in a short story.
My ex and I of seven years broke up

I moved to Minnesota still here :)

I had a son and have full custody. Both our decisions.
He is one now :)

I have still been painting and crafting as far as tattooing.
Not so much. I have a full time job doing customer service,

Was thinking about doing polymer clay on the side again. So just wanted some feedback on what you guys think and to finally say hi!
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CaptainDunkenstein Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
i remember you and i was talking about you the other day! I'm a bar tender now and i get soooo many comments when i wear the necklaces and rings and things of yours! people love them!
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