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She is my nana by blood no she is my husbands grandmother.
But she loved me as her own grandchild since I met her. She was the sweetest woman i've ever met besides my husbands mother.
She loved seeing my new tattoos I got and told me how beautiful the made me look.
She always told me to take care of her grandson and how well I do take care of him.

Now it's time to say goodbye to her.We're literally rushing off to Cali to go see her before tonight.The doctor said she has
either till tonight or early morning. I truly love her and have never lost someone this late in my life.
It's hard and I know its life and she is such a god loving woman that I know god will make it painless for her.
She will be able to see all 40 of her grandchildern and all over 30 great grandchildren.
I'm trying to prepare myself to see her,But it just leaves me shaking and wheezing.

I have time to write this due to me getting so upset I have to take a breathing treatment to stop my asthma.

I love her and I know she won't be suffering it's hard to see my husband hurt yet shed a tear when I see him do that I want to slay anyone who tries to come near him. I know it sounds wrong but I wil protect that man for the rest of my life.
His nana helped raise him and took care of him. We knew this was coming when we found out she has pneumia or however you spell it and they told us it could make her kidneys fail.
Its done just that
the doctors say shes gray.and its just a matter of time.

Im seriously sad and shaking but i feel the need to be strong for everyone else. For my husband,for his sister,for his neice and nephews and mostly for his mother.
I will show my weakness when time is right,but now i feel I should snap out of it and finish packing and helping my husband and his mother get through the long drive.
It's hard  to lose someone when you are older,more memories,more everything.

I will always remeber her and she will always be spoken of. I'm going to get Grandmother in spanish,tattooed on my arm for her.
She loves dragons and Spawn.SO maybe I'll put a little something in there too.

I will always remeber her and hearing my husband speak of her always makes him smile.
I just have to learn to be stong and help everyone through this time even though I myself am hurting inside.
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kikiza Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so sorry. I just lost my Great Grandma this week, and though I only knew her when I was a baby it was different for my mum, cause her grandma (my great grandma) raised her. She got on a bus to go see her but she died about 2 hours before my mum got there. Then GG's ass hole 2nd husband changed her will, cremated her, and took all her possessions for himself. I hope you get to see her before then, good luck. I wish you the very best and I wish her the very best in what's to come, be it reincarnation or heaven, but none the less, I'm so sorry.
TwilightandAnimefan Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so sorry....I'll pray for her, for you, and for your family.
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August 21, 2011